Applications / EVAL™ Monolayer Film for lamination

EVAL™ Monolayer Film for lamination

Kuraray is the world’s only supplier of monolayer high barrier film for lamination, composed of 100% EVAL™ EVOH.

EVAL™ monolayer film provides ultra high barrier performance from biaxially oriented and even metalized EVOH. Several grades of EVAL™ film take EVOH high barrier, chemical resistance and anti-scalping properties to industrial, pharmaceutical and other applications not possible with coextrusion.

EVAL monolayer film rolls
Add outstanding barrier properties to any laminate structure

EVAL™ EVOH monolayer film provides outstanding barrier properties against:

Gases: Oxygen and MAP gases like CO2 and N2, but also Helium.
Aroma: providing a plastic alternative to Al foil.
Grease and oil: avoiding absorption, permeation and staining.
Solvents: making it suitable for chemical packaging.
Contamination: making it especially suitable for packaging sensitive products and pharmaceuticals.

Laminate structure, with EVAL™ film as the functional barrier
EVAL monolayer film structure