Kuraray logoQuality and aiming for the top is no coincidence: it is always the result of intelligent perseverance, innovation and a solid core of proud, highly committed employees.



The Kuraray Group consists of about 80 companies, employing around 7,000 people around the world. Headquarters are in Tokyo and Osaka, Japan.   The world's largest producer of PVOH and EVOH resins and films, Kuraray operates production sites in Japan, the USA, Europe and Singapore.

EVAL Europe nv

As a world leader in high gas barrier technology and development, Kuraray established fully-owned subsidiary EVAL Europe nv in Antwerp, Belgium for the production, development and sales of its EVAL™ EVOH barrier resins in the Europe-Middle East-Africa region. Our impressive and high technological production site is located in Zwijndrecht (Waaslandhaven).   Location map.

The story of our site's main product, EVAL™ EVOH, and what it does.

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